Tuesday, June 6, 2017


G'day world!
Why am I making this move?
Even the basics are impossible to work on this bloody platform.
Look at my website. Looks unprofessional don't it?

Now consider these facts;
  • Living in the land downunder, I can't register a domain name (fancy jargon for I can't get rid of the .blogspot in me bloody web address!)
  • Notice how my site doesn't have one of those bars up the top with 'home // about // travel // recipes etc...' ? When I had one, you could click on one of the options like travel, but it would come up with, like, this page is not available. 
  • Apparently it's not SEO friendly. So basically it's hard to rank in Google search?
  • You can't put in relevant tags, like you probs could on Wordpress. So that's another point lost in SEO, right?
  • Plugins. That buzz word. Apparently It allows for maximum business and SEO right?
So, I am changing from bloody Blogger to Wordpress.org with Bluehost

Oh and the final reason: having hit rock bottom these last 3 days, it was time to start fresh;

Even after a dark few days, I'm thrilled to start a brand new blogness (blog and business merged)

Must be warned about the not-so-glamorous parts of getting into of blogging in full grind. Will it be hard? Yes, knowing that sipping a martini on a beach in Bali is only a highlight. It doesn't depict the blood sweat and tears that I must brave if I want to take blogging to the next level. But will it be worth it? We'll see about that! If blogging sucks too much, I can always go back to/continue the traditional daily grind, or look into a more suitable career path. Who knows. I don't have every day of my life planned, but the Lord does. 

So, how about updating you guys on the brand new blog? Sorry Blogger, but Wordpress.org has knocked you out of the competition. Sincerest apologies; competition, and more so, losing a competition, sucks.

Anyway, while writing the previous paragraph, the 2000's classic Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield was playing on Spotify. It goes the rest is still unwritten... #lostforwords. 

Have an awesome week ahead guys and have fun!

See you on the brand new blog to come! 


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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Why I Refuse To Work Just To Pay The Bills

Bloody hell mate, even here in Australia, or Straya, that's meant to be laid back, I get fired up my poor souls who's only purpose in life is to work just to pay the bills. Is that all? I understand bill payments are an inevitable part of adulthood unless you decide to run away and become a nun (tempting I know), but realistically you can't escape bills (hurts to write that). And you have to work in a job you hate, love or in between to make those payments.

But, and this is a big but, if your sole (or soul hey?) purpose to work is just to pay the bills you're gonna have a bloody miserable life mate. Harsh? Probably. Controversial? Definitely. But I personally REFUSE to settle for a life of getting up, commuting, work, return home, paying (or burning) a bill and complaining on Facebook. Ugh.
And to the fellas and ladies in my country, this is my open letter to y'all: you're in Australia mate, you're supposed to hit the great outdoors, greet some kangaroos and see the sea for free! Get out there mate and get livin like barry!

In Australia, with livable climates, liveable wages, a playground called the great outdoors, you can't afford to live a life of nothing but work and bills. You should be laid back cus this is Straya mayte. But wherever in the world you live, as most of you ladies and fellas are in the States, you should always ALWAYS go to work with a PURPOSE. Bill payments are simply NOT reason enough to hit the cubicle.

Even if your budget is tight and have no disposable income after bills (I feel for you, it must suck not being able to travel...), the work you do to pay those bills should still be for a bloody good reason. Don't tell me you're doing what you hate to pay the bills you hate. You could be doing what you hate, to get you the skills and experience required to branch out into a job you love... y'know...
Work and bills, not to bloody mention, are only a part of your damn life! Y'know, you also got champagne, (or beer if you're a bloody basic bloke/bitch), the donut store you walked 5000 miles and befriended the beloved Google maps to get to...

I refuse to settle for a life that is centred around working just to pass the exams of can-you-pay-the-bills-this-month-or-nawt... NO. F*%K NO!
You were born for a much more exciting and meaningful life that that. You were born to paraglide in the Norwegian fjords, stuff your face to explosion in NYC and play the hygge game 24/7 with all the locals in Denmark. You were born to travel the world. Of course, travelling costs money, so you have to work for it first. But then you will have a REAL REASON to work; you answer calls now so you can catch a plane and sky dive in the swiss alps and stuff your face with pastries in Paris later. Or if you're ready for a settled life, build your house into a home with candles, flowers, music and everything you need but nothing more. Be cosy as heck.
Or build a home while scooting off to see the world at once. Badge of honour mate!
So, when you're in the office typing reports, have something meaningful behind it all. Do it now so you can later sip cocktails on the bali beaches, island hop around greece and party until the sunrise on a yaught in croatia.
Don't you bloody dare risk clinical depression because you chose to live a life of nothing but work and bills. That is a fatal lifestyle that could end in suicide, when you had whole life ahead of surviving the flat out busy crossing in Tokyo, getting lost amongst the wood clad buildings in Bergen, Norway, and swimming in the blue lagoon in Iceland until your toes are shrivelled to prune. Sounds better than working and paying bills until your shrivelled to prune per ageing don't it?!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

the best things in life are the simple, such as food...

Hey guys!
What foodie adventures have you been up to lately?
C'mon, you know who I am!
Anyway, one of my best  food-ventures (see what I did there?) was in fact at home.
Not a five star restaurant.
At home.

Starting with pannetone. 
Wasn't my favourite, as it had a prepackaged sorta taste to it. 
But it was the ultimate arvo tea comfort, torn and soaked in tea/coffee.

An awesome fika, but soon I had a better one!
First, I followed the strict rule to get cosy before getting stuck in.
Loose fit pants, (not the depressing squeeze into skinny jeans!)
Ugg boots,
Comfy floral top and a cardy (cardigan).
Only the best.

Now for the best part;
Freshly brewed coffee, defs with milk and maybs with cream (the best!)
Freshly baked cookies, made with love by hosted travelers.
These folkd love to bake, so I may gain a pound or two when they're over!
Honestly tho, you can buy a pack of cookies, or even bakery ones, but it won't beat home baked.
Especially when there is an original twist;
Some oaty sorta texture in there! 

Doesn't end there.
A French couple who were visiting made this fantastic Italian risotto.
Creamy rice with peas and parmesan and... what else?
It was phenominal!
Proof, if ever needed, that homecooked meals don't have to be boring!
In fact, the best food-speriences can be from the comfort of home.
For a fraction of the price at an expensive restaurant!

But the real show stealer was dessert.
Fresh from the oven carrot cake
*heavy breathing, just remembering how bloody good it was!*

 Couldn't resist, took a second serve.
Worth every calorie and washed down with good ol' tea!
I could risotto more of these five star food-speriences at right at home!
No need to drive to a restaurant and pay a hefty bill for your meal.
You're welcome.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Ultimate 7 Day Hygge Challenge - How I Went!

Guys! I haven't posted forever.
I used to post 7 days a week, but it took over my life and the other critical, 80% aspect of blogging: promoting and engaging.

So I decided to cut down to a manageable 1 post a week. Then I could have the rest of the week to get it out to the world and posted my recipe for S'moreo Slutty Brownies.
I relaxed over not having to post for a week, but get down to real business; promoting.
Getting it noticed.
But I didn't post the next week.
I didn't post for weeks. 
But finally, today's post is a recap on how I put this into practice, from the wonderful Sherbet Lane, in her short post on this 'challenge'.
The one and only 7 Day Hygge Challenge.
Hygge is apparently Danish for cosiness or bliss...

Although this lovely lady blogger behind Heart My Backpack told me that 'hygge' is Norwegian.
Hygge headquarters, at least Denmark is known to be and Norway could be similar.
Hygge tradionally implies cosying in the blistering cold and long nights of Scandi winters, but it's a state of mind that can be adopted anywhere, anytime.
So instead of going after the American dream, why not practice hygge?
It's much more simplistic than chasing after great wealth, in fact hygge can cost next to nothing and is often about the simple things in life. You'll get what I mean once you grasp the concept of hygge.
And per World Happiness Report, Norway and Denmark are two of the happiest countries in the world.
And they are the people who live and breathe hygge, not chasers of wealth.
Why not take after the world's happiest folks?

Starting with this 'challenge'! Just like riding a bike or sewing, it takes practice to accustom to this unique way of life. But bloody worth it, and I'm still learning!
Here's a recap on how I went from Monday the 10th to Sunday the 16th of April. 

Monday - have a night off from screens
I switched off beautifully early, which is a huge committment for a blogger. But when I think about it, I can be a crappy blogger who wastes time chain watching youtube, when blogging is a gig that should be worked on 'from the time you open your eyes to the time you close them.' A story for later. Anyway, I figured it would only do good not harm, and part of the 'challenge' to be bold and switch off. So I did. Sorta. I still used my phone to listen to spotify after unplugging at 3:30pm and found this novel on the community library at Coffs Central. Warning: it's very, very sad. I read just the epilogue that afternoon (because it was too abstract to understand when 14 year old me read it.)
Soon after I walked past k'pane, French-style artisian bakery, to find they were giving out free tartlets after closing. 
We all know that there's no calories in little food, and it's free, so I bloody nodded and took one.
Nibbled the baddy while looking out at over the shopping strip and grey but cosy sky.
Later walked past again and there were still some there, so I delightfully scabbed another before popping to Woolies for some stevia and almond milk to make my coffee delicious with almost no calories, then popped home.
I went to bed at a reasonable time sans stimulating screens.

But onto Tuesday - 'treat yourself to some new candles'
Uncommitted to forking out $10 for a candle, when I felt committed to doing this every week, I got a small, $2 tea light pack at Big W. It was reduced so it ended up costing $1.60aud.
Lasted only one night, but worth it for what it is!

Wednesday - 'create something'
I let the day get away, but I believe that some bliss balls/ugly critters that might have been quickly whipped up before crawling into bed.
Yah I roughed it a little.

Thursday: treat yourself to new flowers.
What I did that lovely Thurs-day (see what I did there?). After a quick but careful search, I settled on the pale yellow flowers. Yellow is an antidepressant, right?
Also properly completed yesterdays 'task' to make something, and so constructed a vision board of places I want to travel to.
Thurday was the best day of the week.
I wasn't in the office doing a 9-5 - 7+ like a properly 'adulting' millenial, I know, but times are changing.
Does that mean that I am not a proper millenial?
Do I damn fail at 'adulting'?
Anyway, I had Thursday free to ride my bike, in the glorious sunshine, get a rejuvinating hair trim, create a travel vision board and buy the flowers.
Now that's 'adulting'; doing what makes you happy.
I was the happiest on Thursday when I was footloose and fancy free to do such childish/youthful things. Not being hardpressed keeping up with the millenials; being the 'busiest' bugger on planet earth.
Anyway, that was my Thursday. It was insanely childish, un-aldult of me, but it was very, very hygge.
Hygge > 'adulting'

Friday: Movie night with popcorn, blankets and family/friends
Well. Friday the 14th of April, I attempted to watch something that was not The Witches, so I watched some of Sister Act instead. That movie was well made but didn't click for me. I stopped halfway through and went to bed. The popcorn part? I burnt popcorn, but it still tasted alright. Did not attempt any more popcorn though. The family/friends? Most of the time I was the only one watching the movie. Solid effort, but not my cup of tea.

Saturday: go for a long walk...
I bailed out of that one. I let life get in the way and the last thing on my agenda was to take a damn walk. But what if I changed that?
But I had a good day at work and the boss shouted me a coffee. Now that's hygge.

Sunday: award yourself with a pyjama day, making plans to do nothing but...
I didn't stay in my jarmies as I went out to the mountains with the family for Easter. But I wore comfy clothes and had a very lazy day stuffing my face with hot cross buns, biccies and choccies. Close enough? And speaking of Saturday, I went for a leisurely walk on Sunday and got some cheeky Tim Tams on the way, so I kind of made it up, right?

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Friday, March 31, 2017

S'moreo Slutty Brownies

Of all posts this is the one I am most excited to share with you guys!
Ladies and gentlement, let me introduce...
*Drum roll*
Smoreo Slutty Brownies!

This recipe is a fushion of two of The Londoner's smoking hot recipes, Slutty Brownies and Smoreos.

No more fancy intro, just get started down & dirty!

To create this monster, you will need:
2x milk chocolate blocks
1 pack marshmallows
2x pack oreos
box brownie mix
box cookie dough mix
plenty of eggs and butter for the mixes

Directions as follows:

pop marshies on a tray and grill em under the oven grill (or a fry pan if you don't have an oven) and watch them with your life!
They burn in a flash, so take 'em out when golden, not crisp or you will waste these precious babies.

You want it to be no browner than what I made it.
It was a bit borderline.

Now for the fun part.
(trust me, toasting the marshies is the hardest part! The rest is easy like Sunday)
Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.
Mix cookie dough according to the box's instructions, adding a little extra butter & water.
A little, like an extra teaspoon of each!
Grease a baking tray, cover with baking paper.
Squide and lather the cookie dough as the base, shown above.
Split (how do you explain?) each oreo like above.
Okay, that's another hard part; splitting oreos without breaking them. 
It only takes a little practice and after that, it's easy like Sunday.
Push it open from the side of the oreo that has a wider gap between the two biccies than the other side, if that makes sense.
It's okay. You'll get there.
Aim to have all the oreos unbroken, but if that's impossible, chillax, it's still the same slutty treat m'kay!

Without further rambling, next steps:
Split the oreo and pop one half on the cookie dough base.
Spoon... some toasted marhsie goodness onto the oreo base, followed by a piece of chocolate (or vice versa).
Close the S'moreo and repeat until the tray is full!

Go on cheeky, gobble up the leftover marshie & oreos!

But get back to business and start mixing the brownie batter.
Or if you're super efficient, you already started mixing the brownie batter while building the s'moreos!
Anyway, when the brownie batter's done and the tray is full of s'moreos, pour liberally & evenly across your masterpiece!

Pop in the oven for 30m to ensure gooey goodness inside!

Be a cheeky bugger & lick the damn bowl.

Serve warm & gooey.

Admire your ability to create such a dainty work of art!

Your payment is a delicious, slutty treat to make your stressful week that much more bearable!
Yeah serve it with your massive teddy and some cold milk (or warm. Or both!)
Serve it however;
Over the campfire (s'moreos, like tradional s'mores)
Under a fort,
Make an OTT milkshake out of it! I'd like to do that!

Or serve family style.
Proceed with caution if you have a conservative family not on board with the 21st century. slutty OTT treats.

Or/and serve with coffee!
Because coffee makes everything better.
Even the humble coffee goes with this OTT slutty treat!

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