Friday, March 24, 2017

Skippies, Sunlight & Surrounds

How y'all doing!
Just getting all snap happy snapping pics at me home in Australia.

I've always had a fetish for lavender.
The smell!

I've also had a fetish for palm trees for a while

And frangipanis.
Me other fave flower!

Flame tree

Lilli pillies.

A good tree for climbing

Fetish for palm trees.
Oh and spot the skippies!

A good place for easter egg hunting

A good time and place to whip out ze camera!


What photo worthy sights have you got at your home?
Wildlife, flowers, trees, architecture?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Flash Back To December

December 2016 involved die-for-it Nutella crepes made my a French traveller, botanical garden walks with a British traveller and me father Mark’s birthday dinner with a side of cracking jokes.

Cracking up over the way New Zealenders say ‘oil the deck’. Just replace the ‘e’ in ‘deck’ with an ‘I’ and you’ll se why!
Showed them a vid I have seen many times before of Carl Barron on thongs.
How do I wrap up a mini post about the whirlwind of December?
Well, I haven’t even gotten up to Christmas and NYE in this post…